Adam Halwitz
Adam Halwitz

As far as I know, I’m the only Adam Halwitz there is,

which means I’m almost definitely the one you’re looking for.

I’m a professional editor and writing coach with over a decade of experience transforming good ideas into the best, clearest, most memorable versions of themselves.

My experience and expertise runs broad and deep, from developmental editing to copy editing to proofreading. I’ve coached authors through the first steps of a project while it’s still a pile of notes, or even just an idea; I’ve also served as a final eye on documents ranging from thesis papers to webinar decks, poetry anthologies to Fortune 500 RFPs.

Working for small companies and individuals has kept me nimble—I specialize in thorough work that’s as attentive to voice consistency and graphic look and feel as it is to word- and paragraph-level concerns. And I’m happy to code and design: take this handbuilt site as an example.

I’m based in Massachusetts, near Boston. I live with my partner, the illustrator and printmaker Robin Finn, and our cat, Nutmeg. Use he/him/his pronouns for me, please.