Adam Halwitz


(These are in no special order.)

Animals – I’m interested in poetry, memoirs, myths, and works of philosophy (especially continental philosophy) that address or create stories and theories about human-animal hybridity, transformation, and possession. My Plan of Concentration includes a defense of the utility of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s term “becoming-animal,” as well as analysis of some of the term’s critiques; if you’ve reached this page in a search for that kind of material, I’d be happy to send you part or all of my work.

Helping get good writing in print! – I’m interested in and satisfied by editorial and production work of all kinds. I especially enjoy proofreading, copyediting, maintaining tidy and beautiful lists, and other tasks that require attention to tiny details.

Poetry – I’ve read, written, edited, and taught poetry, and I have a lot to say about it. My favorite meter is iambic tetrameter.

Cooking and baking – I eat meat, dairy, and eggs, but I developed most of my cooking skills while living with vegan friends, and I still enjoy and cook predominantly vegetable-based recipes. See my Work page for a couple of recipes.

I’m also interested in hiking, linguistics, embroidery, stencil art, glass art, tarot, and folk music (especially Child ballads).